Lovingly Created with Passion.

Each Mountain Blue piece is individually cast, carved, polished and hand assembled to guarantee the highest of quality.


 We are passionate about being an ethical jewelers

Creating superior standard jewelry very much begins with the materials that are chosen to create our pieces. We have traveled around the world to discover and uncover the finest of metals and gemstones, ensuring that they meet our high standards.

We spend time to verify every step of the fabrication process, ensuring that our jewelry is ethical from the moment it is sourced, and that both workers and the environment are protected. In every sense, we aim to ensure that our processes are in harmony with nature and are designed for the benefit of the people with whom we work.

We are proudly fair trade

As a company, we firmly believe in the importance of doing good, and we’re committed to helping global communities and improving their standard of living. For this reason, we have chosen to trade fairly, so everyone can profit equally. Together, with our partners and associates, we create an environment that helps people gain a better standard of living, helping them to develop and improve their lives for the long term.

Unique, handcrafted jewelry

As a reputable and prestigious brand, we want to welcome you into our world, and explain how we create unique collections with pieces that showcase world-class quality in both design and the materials we use.

All of our jewelry is crafted by hand, by skillful artisans who each have many years’ experience.  This allows us to develop unique details in the fabrication of our jewelry, as well as guaranteeing that our pieces are of a superior standard – for jewelry that is stronger and longer lasting. In all of these ways, you can be sure that our fine jewelry will attract the attention of those around you for years to come, whilst also standing the test of time, beautifully.


  • USD: 227$
  • GBP: 169.48£
  • USD: 299$ - 299$
  • GBP: 223.23£ - 223.23£
  • USD: 249$ - 249$
  • GBP: 185.90£ - 185.90£